Twilight : ARE YOU SERIOUS ?!

by - 12:53:00 PM

Okay, I know this is a little late but I just finished watching Twilight and i think..


Okay, no offense to Twilight fans, but don't you think the whole movie is a little draggy?
oh wait, not a little. A LOT.
The only reason why I sat through both the movies was cos Robert Pattinson was in it. New moon was really boring for me. like super.
I haven't read the book so don't talk to me bout the book,
I'm talking bout the movie.
themed as film of the year ? I'm glad I watched it at the end of the year then.
LOL okay i sound very mean.
But you know what, I don't get Bella.
Why is she so.. clingy.
Like without Edward she goes to Jacob, then Edward comes back and she goes back to Edward. Like treating Jacob as a spare tyre or something.
What is on her mind ? Movies like these shouldn't be shown to kids,
cos then every kid will run away from home cos they love their bfs more than their parents.

Not only that, aren't vampires supposed to like.. melt in the sun ?
They dont SPARKLE in the sun, thats ridiculous.
I thought werewolves only transform when theres a full moon ?
so confusing. Totally messing up my childhood stories lor !

Edward wants to die cos Bella dies, in New Moon.
Gosh, liddat, love is everything liao lor.
A dies, B dies cos A dies, C dies cos B dies cos A died, D dies cos C died cos B died cos A died. Like that the human race will cease to extinction !
Everyone should just commit suicide cos someone died.
and things like I cant live without you gosh, talk about dramatic.
Seriously time wasting to me, I should just go spend the rest of my day on better drama than 'don't leave me' or 'turn me into a vampire' and shits like that
I think Bella nearly died more than a thousand times but Edward is always there to save her. This should be some Disney movie where no one dies and the prince kisses the princess and they live happily ever after. Not some action movie with werewolves.

Some people told me the movie was MOVING and I should watch it.
Yeah, it moved me... away from my seat.
New Moon isn't romantic, its pathetic to me.
Well at least Bella is pathetic.
At first Edward was okay, then he started being pathetic by trying to die cos Bella died, then everything got screwed up cos Jacob liked Bella ? and Bella said I love you in the end but then Edward proposed to her and wtf.
I wonder why so many people liked Twilight.
Eugene Tang said Bella is pretty, I nearly puked ten times over. She looks like some.. emo girl who will cut her wrists just cos her boyfriend is out of town and not there to watch her sleep and.. when do vampires LISTEN TO DEBUSSY ?!
gosh, I've got better things to do.

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