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Today, I logged on to Friendster cos Facebook pictures won't load cos I'm using my bro's computer cos my computer says 'invalid system disk' which I dont understand what it is.

So okay, back to friendster.
Probably everyone who has been using the computer for quite some time (and not for online games) have friendster. but more than half of the people dont use it anymore.
yeah, mine is rusty too. Its only for stalkers LOL
One thing that everyone agreed with me was, friendster was lala-land.
I dont know how to explain the word LALA, so you just have to figure it out youself.
this doesn't mean facebook doesn't have, just not that much

why did I stop using friendster.
When I scroll through my friendster list, I seriously have NO IDEA who is who.
people like to add Xiao in front of their name
Xiao is small in chinese.
If you name is MING, then you put Xiao Ming, nevermind la, cos all the little kids in primary school use that name when it comes to chinese essays.
but if your name is JESSELYNN, Xiao Lynn doesn't make you any smaller.
Unless you're really small, like.. like a leprechaun or something.
It doesn't make you cute either.
Overly used name : Xiao bubu, Xiao ger(girl), Xiao pink, Xiao baby.
zomfg, okay, if you're a little girl, you shouldn't even be exposed to the dangerous friendster, or in other words lala-land. and if you're a little baby, gosh you should be like, drinking milk or something. SERIOUSLY. *bangs wall*

Then, they EXCESSIVELY edit their pictures.
They put blinking chinese words which I dont think they understand ALL OVER THEIR PICTURES. they sort of like use those words to cover their face and everything,
okay la, maybe not their face. But everywhere excluding their face.
You get what I mean ?
And they excessively copy paste chinese love quotes onto their pictures.
and you know how dramatic chinese is. If you read a chinese novel, its either the mum died, or the dad died, or the kid is so poor that he/she doesnt have food to eat and has to beg ETC.
pfft, people just excessively uses the word FOREVER.
You know what ? forever doesn't really exist in a relationship when you're still in secondary school aight ? *bangs wall again*

On friendster, people like to comment on their own picture saying they're ugly.
Seriously, if you're THAT ugly, you should just stay at home and never come out.
Stop breaking cameras and ruining friendster if you're really that ugly.
Cos if you REALLY think you're ugly, you should just put a pig face as yr profile picture.
If you think you're ugly, i think you're ugly too
so stop making people's life miserable by posting your ugly face on friendster.

THEN, theres the typical about me. Example from a few ppl :-

xx Hi xx
xx Xiao shuwenn xx

xx in all interested things xx

xx lier !!!! xx
xx Cheater !!!! xx
xx people hu talk bad abt me (wuu~) xx
xx cockroach xx
xx ppl scold me (wuu!) xx

cacat-ed english, but i'm not gonna go into that.
First of all, ew, whats with all the xxxxxx's ?
and right, who likes liers ? (its liar btw moron)
Oh, and does ANYONE likes cheaters ?
Who likes getting scoled and people talking bad about them ?
Save the world by saying something shorter and simpler.
oh and yeah love, is spelled as LOVE not lurbve or whatever.
'in all interested things' LOL i think you mean interesting.

Then there are ultimate twitters.
Not the twitter that you update whatever you're doing.
These people have to make you squeeze some brain juice just to read the message
haRrrOw ~~!! N9s t0 mItT EeuU ! h0W ArE eEuU d0|n oRhH ~ ?
Now seriously, typing that just took me half a minute or something.
Why cant you just say
Hello ! Nice to meet you, How are you doing ?
Other than adding so many caps and un-caps.

I used to use friendster cos I love playing with htmls and friendster is reall easy.
But I got pretty annoyed, cos people LOVE blinking backgrounds
It not only makes your computer lag, later your eyesight also lag i tell you.
Very annoying.

I'm not angry or anything, just annoyed.
and i'm not trying to offend anyone. Just stating my thoughts :)

This world is so unfair lah.
The groomer just sent me a before and after picture of my dog peanut.
and I just noticed, the vet and the groomer both said peanut behaved well.
So unfair, my dog never behaves when i'm around.
my dog is mean D:

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