Taiwan part 1

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Few things I learnt from this Taiwan trip
Never, join a tour. Seriously, like I said previously, they scam all your money by letting you sit in the bus till your ass cracks and you only get to sight see for 20 minutes after more than an hour in the bus. Scammer.
Every night we stayed in 5 star hotels, but every night we stay in different hotels.wtf.
and oh yeah ! smelly tofus are REALLY SMELLY

It wasn't a satisfying trip, but the company was awesome ! :D

Okay, so the Rotary Club of Sitiawan visited the Rotary Club of Taoyuan, Taiwan.
My dad is a Rotarian so YAY ! tag along :)
We went on China Airlines. I was expecting something better.
The air stewardess was super guai lan, I think she didn't like me cos I kept on calling her for apple juice. She got mad at me and gave me the whole carton.

SO COOL. Probably the best thing bout this airline.

We were greeted by the Rotarians from Taoyuan.
See the ad behind ? It says Oh-Ya motel
LOL ! Imagine
Me : Hey ! lets go back to our motel !
Someone : What motel ?
Me : Oh ya motel la !
Someone : OH YA !

Then, they have the OK mart. Something like 7-11

Me : eh, lets go OK mart, OK ?
Someone : OK !

It was dinner time so we went for dinner at 'JiangMuYa'
Jiang is ginger in chinese, Mu is.. idk what it stands for, Ya is Duck.
If you had watched Fated to Love you, you would know about 'JiangMuDao' where everyone is very crazy over ginger.
One side was duck soup, the other was chicken.
They excessively add ginger in everything :( So not my taste lor.
The chicken was okay, but the duck sucked. so, not a very good first impression.

The kids
clockwise : Maynie, fatty bro, Juhann, Sien, lingma (sis), Pierson and Evelyn.
with these people, you'll never get sien one.

We stayed in the Grand Hyatt, a 5 star hotel, for only freaking one night and that is why DONT JOIN TOURS. damn.
Its a really cool hotel with 101 Tower right outside my window :D

super nice deco :)
Most of my pictures taken at night are really fugly. so bear with me :(
Taipei is a really busy place, they have motors EVERYWHERE but they don't rempit la, cos most of their motors are the scooter kind of motors.
Their fly-overs are really fly overs. You don't drive on land, you drive on man made concrete most of the time cos Taiwan is mainly covered with mountains.
It'll be pretty scary if you stop by the roadside and look down.

Taiwan is really shopping heaven, everything is mad cheap and bargainable.
If you want fake LV/Burberry and even fake Hello Kitty, GO TO TAIWAN.
I bought this Hello Kitty Diary for RM40 in Japan and I found one exactly the same at half the price. wtf right !

Night markets sell EVERYTHING
Its very weird right, we went to Taipei, but we didn't visit the 101 Tower.
I managed to get some ugly shots of it from the bus. argh.

We drove idkhowlong to this tourist place which sells alot of pots and bowls.

This is a very very lansi dog.
Last time when I was a kid, I always wished the jejantas will have lifts or escalators cos I was a lazy pig that doesn't like stairs and I thought it'll never exist since I don't think anyone was as lazy as me but I was wrong !!!

They actually have LIFTS for their jejantas.
They have like stairs, then another flat road for bicycles and the lifts i think are for handicapped people. Why Malaysia don't have lehhhh ? :(

Lunch was disgusting. There was this dish, which was pork intestine with GINGER. It doesn't only taste disgusting, it SMELLS disgusting. Everyone couldn't stand the ginger smell.
I didn't take a pic of it cos I was half puking by the smell of it.

Spot Mr worm who got killed in the pot.

Later, we went to this buddhist temple.
No offence, but temples scare me.

They have these four headed gods, which just... scare me.

Fatty pierson and sis
We went to a winery near that place.
After finishing all their samples, we went back to the hotel for dinner.
When you look out the hotel window, its pitched black. Taiwan-ese just don't drive at night. Weirddd.
I'll blog about the rest of the days later cos I gotta go get ready for church tonight :D
It has been a long time since I've gone to church.

I found a new love btw !
Tio influenced by Evelyn Teh.
Its weird cos most celebs i like are mostly 20+ year olds.
Why Malaysia don't have handsome 15 year old singers leh ? :(

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