Nagoya, Japan Part Two :)

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We seriously experienced the land of the rising sun.
I sat beside the emo boy from our group. He was okay AT FIRST. I dont know how long he had to lean back to let me take tons of picture of the sun LOL !

At the Hiroshima International office in Nagoya, I met my okasan (mum), Yukie-chan

later, we went to downtown Nagoya, the famous Sakae Station.
I thought I nearly got ran over by a taxi while crossing the road, but my okasan said pedestrians and cyclists go first, cars later. SO COOL. If you do that in Malaysia, you'll get ran over like the kid in Melaka.

Terebi Tower beside Sakae Station.
It was reaaally pretty, like the Eiffel tower.

Awesome view of Nagoya city on the TV Tower.

I had my first lunch in Nagoya.
Japan is super canggih, in the picture, you can see the sushi is rotating round you and you take whatever you want. There's a touch screen ordering machine on top of it and you can order whatever you want if you're so lazy to pick the sushis on the rotating belt.
Your order will arrive at your seat on that little train. I straight away WTF-ed when I saw the train. Save money for waitresses.

Cawamushi, steam egg with alot of awesome things.

Off to Pokemon Center after lunch !
We went home, and I got a look at my new home. Didn't take much pictures.
At around 3, we went to the 100 yen shop in Katsugai or something.
TWO FLOORS and they were NOT joking about everything being 100 yen. That was the ONLY cheap shop I found in Japan. The rest were really expensive.
Met my brothers and my sister at dinner time. Hiroatsu, Yako and Tomoyuki.
After dinner, they have this Hippo Family meeting.

You must be wondering "whats with the dumb name ?"
I tell you, Hippo Family is this place where the japanese learn other languages.
They learn it like a baby, they try mimicing to the cd and soon learn the meaning and get used to it. JUST LIKE A BABY.
My okasan can speak french, english, japanese, bm and a little chinese.
Tomoyuki said Ni Hao when he first met me.
And everyone's introduction were Apa Khabar, Saya *something*, sila panggil saya *something* I was so shocked. I thought nobody knew what BM was.
and I'm pretty glad they knew where Malaysia was lor :D

Day Two - Cooking Day

I had no breakfast ! Cos I woke up late. damn
Today is cooking day ! we Malaysians were supposed to cook.
But since we all suck so bad, they had to cook for us XD

first row : Takoyaki, yaki soba.
Center : okonomiyaki
second row : oinari, gonoku chirashi.

DAMN HARD TO REMEMBER but very very very very delicious

Yako-chan trying to draw an orang utan.

Now, I show you the cutest kid ever.

His name is Yuri. He is very obsessed with cars and his little brother.

You can't get near his baby brother, Suri when he's around
He lovess cars especially Toyota Harriers. He kept on talking about Hariya in Japanese LOL ! And he brings a toy car EVERYWHERE HE GOES

When I said he looked cute like pikachu because of his pink cheeks, he showed me this face.

What an angry little kid.

Later on, I went shopping with Okasan's friend, Judy-chan. She went to this supermarket and I noticed people there never uses plastic bags.
and they cylce ALOT. no matter how old you are.

So environmental friendly

After shopping, I had the chance to wear a kimono and attend a Japanese Tea Ceremony with Denise Chin !!

Awesome people who helped dress me up.

This is Aiya. I swear she's the prettiest girl I've ever seen.
And I'm not a lesbian sorry. LOVE HER SCHOOL UNI.
I tell you, Japanese are awesome. They can wear mini skirts and short shorts during winter. Now I know how Cheesie can tahan the cold at Hong Kong with short shorts la. She's the Japanese princess after all.

More hippo family meetings. More cute little kids.

OH YA ! did you know ! I had the chance to catch Yamapi ON JAPANESE TV. I know its no big deal la. but to me its a real big deal.
And Yamapi was in Aichi. I LIVE IN AICHI. WTFFFFFFFFFFF.

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