Nagoya, Japan

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I just reached Malaysia yesterday night around 1am.
If you had been reading my blog, you would know that I went for a 1 week homestay in Nagoya, Japan. I wasn't expecting to go to Disneyland but we freaking did ! :D
So here I am blogging when I need to pack for Taiwan and write that report.
I'm gonna split my trip into few posts, cos I've got SO MUCH TO TELL.
but I've got quite a lot of regrets lor :(
wtf. okay, so..

DAY ONE - CONCORDE INNThis is pretty boring, so you probably wanna skip this.
We had orientation at the Concorde Inn near KLIA.
It was quite fun, we learnt a little Japanese and played games yada yada.
Got to know my roomate, Joey Ng who's bf btw wouldn't stop coming into my room.

This is my luggage

This is Joey's
My luggage was damn big i know.
I was the only one bringing a trolley hand luggage. Super troublesome lor ! But my roomate's boyfriend helped me carry it so it was okay :D

People in charge of taking care of us

Girls and mirrors. Please ignore the bed behind.
The hotel was creepy you know, got TONS OF COCKROACHES and all the guys were having fun killing. I was screaming my ass off when there was one right on the wall beside my bed. Super scary. eep.

Me, Yeelyn, Ahbeh and Rou-chan

My roomate, Joey burnt my favorite t-shirt when trying to iron it.
at first i was freaking mad cos it was my fav t-shirt but nah its okay.


Pillow fight before leaving

Group 21 to Nagoya


We waited REALLY LONG at the airport. Our flight was near midnight and we were waiting since 3pm. So we played cards, camwhore ETC.
Adesh even had time to play dota at KFC.

Okay, I know this blog post has NOTHING to do with Nagoya.
Well actually it does.
But, I bet you're so bored of this post that you're going to sleep. haha you know what ?
Me too.
I'm SERIOUSLY gonna blog about Nagoya tomorrow.
Sorry if you feel cheated. goodnight !
another puppy.
What name should I give him ? Its a female.
I thought of giving it dumb names like butter, since my other dog is peanut.
Or kompiang, kolo mee, pepperoni, princess, p-chan ETC.
faster faster tell me what to name my dog !!!!!

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