Sunday, December 27


Guess what I got for PMR ?
7 A and 1 B, CHINESE.
The night before the results, I dreamt I got 7a for PMR, and it came true.
Next time I should dream about getting some scholarship liao.
I felt really really really kiasu that day, cos my friend got 8a and I was like wtf how can I lose to her and stuff like that.
Most people are studying form 4 already and I'm still on vacation.
Hatyai and Penang soon ! wtf ! seriously.

Just got back from Taiwan today, will blog about it later.
The trip was pretty disappointing. I hate tours. seriously.
You sit in the car for more than 3 hours to a place, just to sight see for 20 minutes, and you have to drive for a few hours to your next destination which you'll only spend a few minutes at. Super mad at the tour guide. Kept on showing us Teresa Teng when we want to watch Red Cliff in the bus. tmd.

Lots of things happened recently, and if I were to blog about it, I think you guys will all sien diao and die. I had MCD for dinner today but all I want now is nasi lemak and kuey teow. Taiwan snacks is awesome, Taiwan food sucks so bad that I can still feel it.
Or is it the lousy preparation of the tour guide ?


¥ù £Ïäñg said...


Shahrul Shaharuddin said...

Congratz Shu!

6A and 1 B thats good for contineu in Science or business course.. :)

TwiLight said...

Oi, cannot show Teresa meh , ish.

Shuwen said...

yuliang : thanks
shahrul : Its 7A1B btw :) haha, i dont like science/business, I like being a kindergarden teacherrrrrrr.
Twilight : Not my type. I like Ling Zhi Lin on Red Cliff more. XD

sab said...

ur Chinese so good how come got B D=
7A is really good ai shu!
i'm sad that u don't like the trip to taiwan =( Taiwan food is really nice lahhh but i never had good food whenever i went with tours...

Shuwen said...

not taiwan food not nice ! Tour food not nice ! :D This year if we go Taiwan, you bring us around lah !! :D :D