Thursday, December 31

End of 2009

2009 is finally coming to an end.
I know I've broken my new year resolution so many times.
Well actually not counted la, cos I said I won't get a NEW bf ma, and i didnt ! I just got back with my old one, broke up, got back, broke up, got back, idk how many times.
So not the same.
Conclusion : I never break my new year resolution. :D

So,things I've accomplished this year

#1 Lost a lot of weight and gained again at the end of the year
#2 Got caught by the discipline teacher for SOMETHING and didn't meet him up the next day
#3 Went to Japan !! woohoo !
#4 Got really near to Yamapi. I lived in Aichi and he came to Aichi. COOL OR NOT ?!
#5 Went to Taiwan and hated the food.
#6 Confronted a really best friend, hated him, then got really close to him again.
#7 Experienced a friend who took your bf away and starts backstabbing you
#8 Got a new puppy ! and taught it how to rollover
#9 Got another puppy before the #8 puppy and hated it.
#10 Got 7 ace for PMR ! :D

Last year July I joined Nuffnang and earnings were reaaaallly minimum.
But after all you guy's visit, it grew a lot. GOSH LOVE YOU GUYS.
To whoever reading this, come back tomorrow and feel the love agian *hug*
So, 2009 was a tough year, relationship, friendship, family, studies.
But right now, after everything, I really will miss 2009, cos i'm like freaking going into form 4 and everyone is reminding me how tough it will be.
I'm going to Penang tomorrow so I wouldn't be celebrating anything with anyone
Just went out with some of my primary school friends.
Really bring back memories !
That day at church, uncle said
There are three things, you should think about 2009 before you step into 2010
Answer these questions.
What was the most suprising thing God had done in 2009 ?
What were the difficulties in 2009 ?
What was life changing to you in 2009 ?
What will you leave behind in 2009, to let God carry that burden for you?

2010 would be cool, you know why ? Cos I'll be 16 and everyone is talking about motor license. Not only that, 2010.... CAN BE DIVIDED BY TEN YOU KNOW. so cool.
Next year I'll definitely study harder, blog harder, play harder, eat harder, go on diet harder, watch tv harder, play with my dog harder and try not to stare blankly into space anymore.


Charles is like the tallest among my best friends but he's the youngest. woohoo.
A new year, a new start.
I hope everyone have an awesome and prosperous new year !



Anonymous said...

you're fat

Shuwen said...

yo fatty dewen !

Bruce828 said...

Lol~ You got bf liao then me how??

Haha~ just kidding^^