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Okay so, this is gonna be my last post bout Japan cos probably everyone is very sien of looking at pictures liao lor.


Showa, is the name of a dynasty and Mura is a small village.
I find it quite boring cos peaceful and quiet places just aint my place.
the scenery would be awesome if it was spring.
But since its winter.. everything is well, botak.

Okay la, actually quite nice also

This is a kamishibai.
The guy changes the picture while he tells a story.
In showa mura, you could experience how to make charcoal, paint plates, cook senbei and everything. I tried cooking senbei and painting plates.

They cook senbei like how sitiawan people cook kompiang.

Everytime i look at this picture I feel super pathetic.
Yako-chan, my sis is 13 and she draws matured things like birds and flowers.
I draw three dogs wtf !!
We went to a very very old Gakuen (school), where they have a lot of antiques on display.

Let me introduce you my camera's uncle, auntie, grandfather, grandfather's grandfather, dad, mum, sister, bro, second bro, third bro, niece, far niece, near niece, far nephew, new nephew and ETC wtf.

THIS was on display.
when your parents are still playing with guli and fishing with their hands, they already have these. Even without import/export for over 300 years.

We had lunch at MOS burger. Its like the awesome-st burger ever. Totally owns MCD.

Their burger loafs are made of rice !
We had another hippo family meeting that night. Which also meant more chubby little kids running around !

This picture was taken with self timer.
Didn't focus properly, but at least everyone is in it :)
Judy-chan heard I like Yamapi and she gave me a whole file of Yamapi mag cuttings.

Big guy next to me is my big bro, Hiroatsu
my younger bro, Tomoyuki is the one drinking orange juice

DAY SIX - LAST DAY IN NAGOYASo this day was the last day in Nagoya before I leave to Tokyo
I chose to go to the Nagoya Castle since I haven't been to any tourist attractions in Nagoya city yet. So off we went.

Takoyaki before entering. I saw this in Gokusen once ! :D


The tiny gold thingies on both sides of the castle are actually golden dolphin + dragon

view of Nagoya from the Nagoya castle

This warrior outside looks exactly like Toma Ikuta
In the castle, there were these photo spots for tourist to take pictures.
There was this tv sorta thing showing pictures of Nagoya castle.
Tomoyuki straight away sat on the photo spot and started watching the tv.
Another time, there was this 'do not touch' sign. He straight away sat on the display.
Reminds me of my fatty bro in Malaysia.

This is Tomoyuki, sleeping on a photo spot.

After the castle visit, I went to Jusco to shop again ! Bought a Tommy Hilfiger bag since most Japanese are using it.
I had to pack and go off to the Nagoya station to go to Tokyo.
Picture with my family before going off. Miss them tons !!

Last picture with everyone.

We boarded the bus and went off to Tokyo.
On the way, we stopped at a lot of public toilets and their toilets are SERIOUSLY CANGGIH. They have this map outside the toilets that tells you which toilet is a sitting one and which is a squatting one. NOT ONLY THAT, they have lights by the symbols and a red light indicates theres someone inside, a green one indicates its empty.
Then I saw something super ridiculous

Okay I know Japan is famous for many-button toilets but this is ridiculous.
You can wash your butt, and idk whats bidet, and the most zha dao one.
You can even control the volum. loud or soft. and also the water pressure.
I tried the buttons and oh my gosh, it really works.
What is that for ? Maybe if you're lazy to flush, you can bluff the people outside with your flushing sound. haha ! so cool.

We reach Disneyland early in the morning.
Two hours before the doors of Disneyland open, people are already sitting outside waiting for it. Reminds me of Olympics LOL !
When the doors finally open, everyone rushed in and when you go in, everything is full.

Disneyland was the climax of the whole trip.
Me and my friend Renee decided the drop the whole group and go on our own.
We sat on a few rides at first, then we got sien, and we stopped going on rides.
Me and Renee only shopped and took pictures.
Okay, don't tell me its a waste to go to Disneyland and not sit on rides.
If you went to Disneyland and didn't take ANY pictures, THAT is the biggest waste EVER.

Many people said Disneyland is childish and all,
but to me, its the happiest place on earth !
Everything was mad expensive but some rich people and most of the Japanese bought bags and bags of things from Disneyland like it was free.
Me and Renee got to catch TWO Disney parades while the others queue up for hours just for a thrilling ride.

Parade more thrilling okay !

Since I'm a poor kid, I can only take pictures, can't buy.
Okasan had a very pretty Disneyland box at her house and one day she asked me whether I want it.
I tried to be humble and I said 'nah its okay', hoping she would ask again.
so I terpaksa buy myself in Disneyland fml.

All time favorite place and picture

This is Renee
Me and Renee kept on randomly stopping people in school uniforms to take pictures cos we like their uniforms.
Well not exactly.

actually I bought two boxes, cos everything is Disneyland is so cute.
I also bought Marie cat ears, a key chain and a nail clipper.
They have all these very dai sai Disneyland characters like Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Everyone has to queue up to take pic with them. cis.

Then it was time for the climax of the climax.
The climax of Disneyland.

This was the back of the castle
I wanted to rush to the front of the castle cos its damn chio over there but Renee and Madelyn wanted to take a picture by the side of the castle and my camera was running out of battery. So I very jing zhang ran to the front of the castle just to find my camera battery died.
I wanted to find a random someone to borrow a canon battery, but all the dSLRs were Nikon. fml fml fml fml
We didn't catch the fireworks either cos we had to go. fml fml fml x10000

That night at the hotel, they had a slumber party and everyone decided not to sleep. I wanted to sleep but I was too chicken to sleep alone, so I slept in Brandon's room.
The people who decided not to sleep, slept anyway, and a lot of people woke up sick.
After reaching Malaysia, phonecalls from the Hiroshima International club saying some people got H1N1.
Brandon sat next to me in the plane and he confirmed H1N1. HAHA don't worry I'm fine. and this is the last post of Japan.
I'm going to Taiwan next week ! *grins*

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