Saturday, November 28

Teh Jae Rwen

I'm in the Christmas mood already !
Even peanut is :)

Okay so, today I want to blog about my best friend Teh Jae Rwen
Its pronounced as J-Ren btw if you're wondering :)
Oh, and about the burglar vids, I'll post it another day, I have the vids already :D woohoo !
So, what makes this friend so special ?
Many people tell me Shuwen ar, why you always friends with boys one, I seldom see you hanging out with girls leh
Thats cos i'm a girl and I understand what some girls do to other girls.
Whereas boys... they're like dumb. LOL okay la, not dumb. but they're just. idk im just more comfortable talking to guys than girls.
During camp, Pastor Daniel said something bout best friends.
Sitckable, someone who will not forsake you, loves at all times.
A true friend wants to reach to you.
I thought for the whole day, and at one point, I was like great, i dont have best friends
But then it hit me real hard, who were the ones who made me join this church camp that changed my life ? Who were the ones there for me when my boyfriend was being a jerk and I need someone to scold and hit and complain and ETC ? Who were the ones who would always be there for me even when I was really mean to them ?

This bunch of people.
I thought and thought, and I found out, I've never been a really great friend.
I may not be 100% stickable.
But I not only want a best friend, I want to be a best friend.

One auntie said to me "you should get girl best friends too"
yes, I probably should, because like auntie said guys mature slower than girls, so they won't really understand girls
To be short, guys dumber la. haha. jokes.
When I was in primary school, everyone were everyone's friend
(well, except for the fatty who always sits at the back of the class)
We didn't care guy or girl. We were a whole gang.
But then when you go to secondary school, theres this line between guys and girls.
If you sit tgt, people say you flirty la. If you talk to guys alot, people say you hiao la.
To me, best girl friends are really hard to find since i've been changing 'best' friends a lot of three years already.
Yi Lin is probably my best girl friend, I can bathe with her and not care whether people call me a lesbian or not and she would insult me and i'll insult her and deep inside we'll both know that we're joking. Unlike other people.

Oh wait, i'm off topic. I'm here to talk about Teh Jae Rwen hor.
When I first met Jae, my first impression towards him was, he was short and annoying.
and yes, it did change alot. He has grown alot. Not only mentally, but also vertically.
Why do I label him as a best friend ?
Everytime I have a problem, the first person I go to is him, well most of the time la.
and even though most of my problems are very boring, like
'I got scolded by my dad today' or my 'boyfriend is being a bitch' and I think he has probably heard that so many times that he can predict what i'm gonna say, but he has never stopped listening nor did he stopped helping.

Once, he did this thing that really touched me.
I was sitting alone drinking my milo thinking of something when he just brought his maggi over, sat beside me and started eating quietly. He was sitting with a bunch of boys and the boys were saying he was flirty and stuff. He probably won't remember this but I will cos at that point when I needed a friend, he was there. Even if he just sat quietly and didn't say a thing, it was enough to cheer me up.

I used to be really really mean to him. Like when he messaged me, i'll be like
Oh I gotta go, bye
Just cos i wanted to save a few cents of phone credit.
and once, when he msged to ask something, I replied shortly and he was like
okay i know what you're gonna, say 'i gtg bye' right ?
Made me feel so guilty. So I stopped saying that to my friends, and that explains why my credit is always running out.

Jae is the kind of friend that would walk up to you and go like
yo fatso, what are you up to?
fatty, you're such a pig *does pig face*
and I'll always know he's just joking cos he thinks i'm pretty :D he said it just now !
Sometimes I'll get a little pissed by what the guys will say but by just frowning at them, they'll be all I'm sorry, I didn't mean that and I'll just laugh at them cos I dont think they know I can't be angry with them for long. Well maybe Kenny knows.
I can even label each and everyone of them
Jae is my first boyfriend, Ivan is my second, Charles is third, Kenny is fourth and Alvin in my fifth boyfriend and I would even tell my little cousin
you see, I so pretty, got so many boyfriends. You got or not ? LOLOLOLOLOL
They're like family you know.

Jae is the biggest POSER I've ever seen.
He even poses during PMR trials

Jae is also super perasan.
He likes to call himself the hottest guy on earth LOL
Once, there was this widget that scans your face and sees which celebrity you look like and guess what ??? He is like 52% of Yamapi. LOLOL
but then, I can't see any resemblance.
He calls himself handsome, and he blames himself when I sweat, cos he says he's too hot.
Okay la, actually he very lengzai also, all my friends are lengzai hor :)

I feel blessed to have a friend like Jae.
and I hope I could be a friend like him, to everyone else.
Even though he's not my tallest/handsomest/cleverest/fattest friend, he's definitely one the bestest :D and same goes to Ivan, Kenny, Charles and Alvin.
Thank you tons for always being there for me, for being stickable, loving me at all times, reaches out to me and never forsaking me.

You know what, I love you guys
xoxo ;


Jen said...

omgosh, this post so sweet T.T
im so proud of you , jae rwen :)

Arya said...

i like this :)

kennyhar said...

haha, i know...u wont angry for long one...hehe...n this post is soooooo damn cool!!! haha...

Jae said...

Wahhhhh ! So sweeeet wei! And I think this is like my third time thanking you :P

Thanks Shu!! Didn't know you were serious bout bloggin bout me. hahaha.
You're such an awesome friend !

Jae said...

correction* awesome best friend :D

Anonymous said...

"If you sit tgt, people say you flirty la. If you talk to guys alot, people say you hiao la"

Lol, that's so true.. you'll never escape from being called names when you're close to guys..
But i guess it's okay, we can't stop people from talking about us.. haha
And i agree,that sometimes guy friends are nicer to talk to, because most of the time,girl friends are those who can actually do unexpected things to us.. lol
Still, i'm glad that i do have some really nice and trustable girl friends..
Nice blog anyway! People don't usually praise, but condemn..
It's a good thing to see you post such nice things about your friends.. I'm sure they will appreciate this very much! =)

~ By the way, it's Audrey here, i don't have a Google acc, so i have to use anonymous.. lol~

Shuwen said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Charles said...

beautiful ='[

gonna read ur blog more often=]

kenwooi said...

guys are more care-free..
maybe that's why girls hang out with guys if they wanna forget about some girly problems.. hanging out with girls will only bring out the girly topic.. =P

:: hamano asuka :: said...

sometimes guy frens are much better than girl frens...girls are scary sometimes because they are capable of doing a lot things (u know what i mean) :P well guys,hmm they just chill..

but girl frens can be good when u hv problem wif bf..coz they totally understand u..:D