My very first dSLR :)

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I've got very first dSLR last Friday ! :)
And I would really really like to thank this guy, Mr Eric Kuang who went to fry's electronics to get me my dSLR and for bringing that heavy ass back to Malaysia all the way from the United States. AWESOME OR NOT !

He even brought back fruits from his own backyard in San Jose to Malaysia ! woohoo
And also thank you to these people who paid for it :D

Its a Canon EOS 500D and its called Rebel T1i something in America.

I'll let the pictures do the talking aight.
I'm not really good in photography, so im sorry if any of the pictures are disappointing okay ? I'm still in the process of discovering my new camera so if there's anyone who is kind enough to explain to me how things work, i would be oh so grateful.

Nearly everyday it rained when I was in KL.
Outside Lot 10

Random toilet in Westin that looks awesomely pretty

One of my super adorable baby niece


Super Guai Lan, but super cute.

Uncle's birthday.

The dog who murdered the neighbor's cat.

Empty streets outside pavillion. Tad too early for shopping

My mum super pro one, she can shop when all the shops aren't open yet.

My current most handsome cousin Sean Lee
He's like damn skinny now and he skateboards ! Pok Ok lost.

And lastly

A picture of me.
My flickr account ngam ngam hou reach limit ald. 100mb only.
I wonder how the other people upload big ass pictures on flickr non stop. Seriously I need help. :( I'm not good in thisss.
OH ! and btw :)
I got myself a Kurosagi DVD
So happy can die okay ! I finally have an original Yamapi cd.
Ee Chng would probably be like shuwen is so dumb, I download on d-addicts. FOR FREE LA. But but, d-addicts got very cool cover or not ? No. muahahaha.
And, I also pierced my other ear. I know its nothing to be proud of since the shop lady has like.. 12 piercings but its a big thing for me ! I'm a chicken when it comes to these things.
You're the best sister ever !

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