Band competiont, Mum's 50th Bday :)

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You must be wondering where i went :)
Well wonder no more ! Because you should not be wondering.
anyway, I've been pretty busy slacking off. But hey, I didn't study sejarah and i can get like 52 over 60 pmr questions. PRO RIGHT ??
this is gonna be one longg post because im gonna cramp this week's awesomeness into one small little space. Oh, this week is so awesome. im getting my toy poodle soon, and i killed a fly with my slipper :)

Band competition was on Friday, we didn't get anything. as usual.
but meh, it was FUN

probably the best thing in Kenny Roger's
We went for rehearsal. It wasn't supposed to be our turn. But some band didn't turn up so yeah.
We kept on going to wrong markers. it was soo confusing. but fun :) No shoes ! because it was raining. so our feet were like muddy. Our band members are really the bomb. The instructor said not to talk. we didn't talk even when we were walking on HOT CONCRETE which were burning our naked feet ! well not we, because i didn't walk on hot concrete :D

Jusco for lunch, the malays had to go to the masjid for prayer, so the non muslims are allowed to go shopping ! haha, advantages of living in a islamic country :)
I didn't buy anything except for a keychain.
We were in a shop and there was this rubber chicken which makes chicken noises when its tummy is pressed.
to me it wasn't chicken noises but obscene sex sounds. which was so disgusting.
the guys kept on pressing it till the shop keeper had to come tell them to stop.

YMCA was fun :)
Competition was scary. but I wasn't really nervous. I didn't shiver like i did during district competition. haha. thats because i know nobody knows where i am !
My mum kept on assuming the shortest one was me.
HELLO ! Im the 2nd shortest, not the shortest okay ?
haha. anyway, we sucked. well not really. but anyway.

  1. Sam Tet
  2. St Michael
  3. Nanhwa

some of my ex chung cheng classmates, who used to be really close friends had become cocky asses. They look down on me, just because im from ACS. and when i say hi, im too 'noob' for them to say hi back. You know what, you guys should go home and toot spiders. because you're not THAT great. They totally ignored me when i said hi.
But thats all different during cny. They would suck up to me and be like hey ! we used to be sooo close, remember that time.. dots . After cny. oh, whos shuwen again ?. If you want to be good to me just because you want money, then you seriously should go bang into a wall or something.
Well not all friends are like that. but some. you know who you are.
This is only for cocky people who think they are great, not all of you.
If you're mad. then.. uh i dont care.
You guys lost, okay ? Don't be saying the whole of malaysia must be dissapointed cos we got 3rd . Because no, the whole of Malaysia doesn't really care right now.
Im gonna get a lot of comments saying you guys think acs very great meh ! get nothing summo dare to talk. At least we got 3rd leh. *curse*curse*curse* Acs so noob lah !
we live. in a democratic country. So whatever I say, has nothing to do with my school. Therfore, if you were gonna comment what I just typed. Then please save your energy.

I got a little off track, sorry. Anyway
St Michael's color guards reminds me of China in the Olympics.
They had gymnastics and all. They were practically hugging each other in front of the judges.
They had some sorta kungfu fighting thingy. Yeah, totally China. and they're RED
so yeah.

Best DM was Sam Tet's. They were awesome :) They played mask of zorro. Which is awfully hard. They're good. :D and their cheer was even more awesome. Not to forget they're a all boys school. *grins*

oh and btw, something interesting.
These pictures are not meant to insult any MJ fans or anything like that

Spot Michael Jackson wannabe

Attending to his fans

Camwhored on the way to the stadium

The next day, is mummy dearest's 50th birthday !!

I woke up, and mum was like hey, today i bring you go straighten your hair
So after lunch I went to the saloon. Mum went to see the poodle :) Its asthma friendly since it doesn't shed. *smiles*

Now I look smth like this. please ignore the fats. and the bowl :)
The kacang soup my mum made was awesome.
The German Sausage uncle Herman (or however you spell his name) made was EVEN more awesome possum :D
Its like sausage in the shape of SHIT, but does not taste like shit.
Its more like steak in the shape of a sausage that looks like shit. juicccyyyy :)
There were karaoke (care-ree-ou-kee) and there were tons of old people dancing. It was really hilarious XD
There was even an uninvited guest

arrr. I lost me first dollar!
oh Mr Krabs.

Fat boys were EVERYWHERE

German Sausages are the bomb :)

I kick ass in tekken

The birthday people

At my mum's age, she's still reaaally pretty
And at my dad's age, he's still reaaallly sweet . :D

Mum and dad

Family :)
you know what, pictures are taking FOREVER to upload D:

Okay, im done uploading pictures
Im so sick of uploading pictures.

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