Pictures from Band Camp

by - 7:40:00 PM

Wen Wei finally gave me the band camp pictures :)
And heck I love his camera.
I'll let pictures talk
On The Bus

we were talking about anime i think

Before checking in
Some were playing concentration

some were, well.. watching porn XD

RBB and Acs Military Band


second day

they look like those models on family ads. uber sweeet lahhh

Hou Zhen spoilt the pic

My section leader is flirting with the future conductor. tsk tsk tsk

Rich people buying starbucks. Especially the two guys in black at the counter. HAH

3rd day

Punished on the last day HAHA


Last group picture of band camp 09'

Thats it :)
Blogger is screwed. I can't type properly. ugh.
Stupid blogger.
Someone should tell me to study and stop reading
I'm laughing at other's unfortunate. HAHA. but at least its fun :D

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