Featuring : The fattest brother in the whole wide world XD

by - 7:14:00 PM

ps : I nearly posted this post on someone else's blog. because they didn't sign out on my computer. HAHA. that explains why my blog's name was REVIVAL OF THE DEAD BLOG. lmao

You know what, I'll probably be killed for doing this.
But its fun :) so i take the risk. haha
My brother is the biggest poser ever, even if he doesn't smile
Tennis Tournament. haha the push-glasses pose.

The you-cant-catch-me *smack butt* pose.

this is the stare-blanky-into-space-showing-my-teeth pose

the im-trying-to-smile pose.

meh, this pose has no name

the im blurr pose

the im-still-trying-to-smile pose

guard wannabe.

The Im-wearing-snorkeling-gear-but-i-cant-swim
and last but not least


My bro is gonna kill me.
and, Transformers - The Revenge Of The Fallen IS A MUST WATCH
no joke, i just came back from a very packed cinema :)
my fat bro slept through half of it .which only happens if you have to go to school at 7 in the morning. haha
so yeah, go watch ! :)

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