Saturday, May 9

My fat brother

Today, the fatty Dewen did something funny today.
It all started when he begged me to tell dad to let him skip arthematics lesson for the fourth time this month.
I didn't want to help him.

This is the conversation between me and him

Fatty : *hugs my arms* please please please go beg dad. pleaseeeeee.
Me : NO
Fatty : Oh, then nevermind lor, you help me do my homework
Me : NO
Fatty : Ehh !! you don't forget last time when i was like a kid, you broke my lasy toy meh !
Me : huh when ?
Fatty : *digs for malay book* Peristiwa itu masih segar dalam ingatan saya *keeps malay book*

LOL. it was so funny.
and we were quarreling over who has more money.
he was actually bragging bout my money, since he stole it for me D:
and, his tummy is really getting bigger an bigger.

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