Friday, April 24

Deep Thoughts. hmm

This was how i looked like. and that's Yi Lin
anyway, Best Dressed
guy : Yuan Sen ( I voted too !)
girl : Kristie
Queen : some ayer tawar girl
King : Sien Son.
so yeah.

anyway, today, the band performed at the closing ceremony of MSSPK (Majlis Sukan (something) Perak)
and i think we damn pro lor !
Nan Hwa practice half die half die go competition.
and we only practiced our formation for 2 days :)
2 days and we still have the guts to go perform. haha. we're cool.
neway. Manjung got second and Kinta Utara got first.
aahh. Pang Lee Chong is sooo hot when he runs.
oh btw. Pang Lee Chong is Manjung's olahragawan and he's from Pantai Remis
I dont know who he is. but i know his face and the annoucer announces his name alot :D

I just had Mcd's Big n Tasty yesterday
fyi , Big n Tasty is NOT exactly big. nor tasty. its just NORMAL.
and i really think it should be called 'Medium and Normal'

and apple pie today.
and something came floating into my mind.
Adults are always saying how Mcd causes cancer and we should eat less
especially my parents. since my uncle had cancer, my mum had cancer. yeah.
and, what i think is. In the future. everyone is gonna get cancer.
The question is WHEN.

I mean, nearly everything around us causes cancer.
From burnt meat to Handphones.
Adults now did not have mcd or handphones when they were our age, but yet they still have cancer.
how about us ?
It sounds scary huh.
Imagine one day your doctor tells you that you have to go bald.
I'll seriously freak out.

so if you don't want to get cancer at early age.
  • Stop using your microwave,
  • Stop going to the Thursday Market to buy kebab, chicken or anything that is fried and can get burnt
  • Stop eating KFC, Mcd and all sorts of fast food
  • Stop using your handphones
  • Stop running around under the sun. cos it causes skin cancer.
  • Dont go near people who smoke
  • Stop smoking
  • Stop wearing deodorants.
  • Stop drinkingcoffee
  • Dont grow old !
  • Stop eating coloured food
  • Stop leaving your laptop on in your room while you're sleeping
so yeah, chances of getting cancer. is like highhhh.
people now, CANNOT live without handphones.
and people now can't live without fast food / coloured food either
and some adults can't stop drinking coffee.
and most of all, you can't stop yourself from growing old.
so conclusion.
Everyone might get cancer.
since we're so exposed to the danger of it.

okay the end.
going to the movies tmrw :) :)
I feel like eating kebab ):

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