Saturday, January 10

America 2


School hall. :) had to censor. Those people didn't like my camera flash XD
oh wait, im already in high sch :)

can you lean like he can? *grins*

I want to go to the land of unknown

hint : im showing off my armpits

Cathhy ! dont you miss em. They're not plastic bottles :)

My first ever snowman. :)

Golden Gate Bridgee

bradder, you tengok ape ?

so much for private property
taken in santa babara.
most houses in that residential area were burnt cause of forest fire.
including Oprah Winfreys :)

btw something important happened, but I'm not supposed to announce... :(

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~Meow Meow~ said...

Shuwen!!!lol...and wat do you mean by plastic bottles?? lucky la you...wish i can go bek there... T.T...k la...enjoy your holidays~ ^^