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Today, i went angpau-ing :)
okay i have no idea what its called, but its just a time where you go with your friends to some other people's house to get ang pau
so me and my friends decided to meet at Nelycia's house.
We thought it was just a small gathering, around 9-10 close friends
And guess what, 21 people turned up.
You'll see later in the pictures.
it was a pretty hot day and we were walking.
so you can picture something that looks like this.

they all looked so funny.
And for the first time, i felt so beh paiseh. lmao.

My cousin Sean (the red shirt one), my fat bro and my other cousin tagged along.
Sean and my bro were like eating all the way as you can see

It was preeeetty cloudy, and yeah it rained. bugger
so we stayedd at Ruthie's house for a while.
and you know what ? my friends are LOSERS
haha jokes. but seriously, the all don't gamble.
so not fun ):

Ivan : gambling is fun, just that i don't
Elaine : I only gamble with my family
Vincent : go chii's house only we gamble
Meihung : I dont know play 21 dian leh (what a lame excuse)

They're all boring fuggers. D:
we played cards
and a few people played mahjong
Gambling is always fun and we only do it once a year, but THEY dont D:

not my money btw, im not that rich.

people with umbrellas walking in the rain :)
We went to Mr. Ong's house too :)

The very generous mr Ong

and his whole table of food.
you can see my fat bro eating in the background XD

one very happy mr ong
We went to Ivan's house too :)
Then we split-ed into two, few went to Daniel Khoo's house. a few went to mine :)

as USUAL. everyone is hogging over the ps2 (not two perempuan simpanan btw)
lol. ignore the one piece guy, personally i thnk he's ugly lmao xD

Group Picture

I also met Sarah's very cute cousin :D

And i thnk he hates me. since he kept on giving me the GL face
but still, im never gonna neglect my cutest nephew in the whole wide world

he just said he hates me and im heart brokeend. *sobs*

Today, i've also learnt that Ting Teck Keong is also a really big camwhore.
will blog again some other time.
for example tomorrow.
since 40 of my 'friends' are coming to get angpau frm me.
I dont thnk i will know who they are. since most of em are my nan hwa friend's friend.

Btw, i am sometimes super dissapointed in some of my nan hwa 'friends'
well not all of em.
SOME. They were your 'bestest friends' in primary school.
and when we part and go to secondary, they treat you like you're invicible.
I mean, we were once best friends right ? shouldnt we like say hi or something ?
im not saying all my chung cheng friends are like that.
just a few. When you say hi, they walk away like youre talking to yourself.
and when they need something from you, they're your 'best friends' again.
why the heck ? just because i went to ACS and your ex gf (which you once really really loved) went to ACS too ?
I still love those, who love me.
and those who like treating me as a stranger, well i'll treat you like one too.

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