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First of all
Happie Birthday Yun Lei !

Today is like some super lucky day. I mean for those people who are born on this day.
Cos there were like. tons of birthday dedications on the radio.

Yesterday we went to the Snorkelling Park.
fyi, its near Teluk Batik. Teluk Batik is a beach

Does this turtle look familiar to you ? Ive never seen it before till yesterday.

The kids, were all faster run, faster run, i see the water dy !!
so yeah.

I didnt intended to go down.
After seeing my bro like this

so cute rite :]
oh and my little cousin has a really cool tatoo

It has the words 'Im a childish kid who loves Kungfu Panda' written all over it.

After seeing them go down to the water, i got TEMPTED.
and i went down too

The water was murky and all.
But still can see the fishes.
they even had ONE turtle in this BIG BIG place.
no joke. :]

Later on, we went to the beach.
My stupid camera's battery died.
so I used my aunt's cam.
and now she's in Ipoh. great.
Anyway, lets just say it was.. CROWDED.
alot of naked kids.
And i bought a spongebob balloon !

so cute rite ?

And this is a picture of the baby, her dad and my little cuzzie.
just a random picture.

And ive got some DFA cousins.
Anyway, im in a really bad mood ):
I wanna cry.
You know why ?
cos he's gonna move back to kl nx year.
That day we were talking bout what i want.
I wanted him to talk to me, but definitely i wouldnt tell him that.
That would be so meaningless
so i told him to guess.
it was smth like this

him : lol, cant you tell me what you want ?
me : no, you gtta guess, or else it would be meaningless. Ive gave you the tips. you, voice
him : hmm *thnks* i still dno lar.
me : guess guess !
him : what if cannot guess ler ?
me : then wait next year lor
him : next year maybe not here dy

CRACK boom crash smash and yeah all those sound effects and all.
wuuu ='[
and he just said the chances of him going back is like higher.
and he's in a super bad mood that he doesnt wanna talk to me.

I really gotta go study dy ): ):
I hope his mum would suddenly say
you can stay here if you want
That would totally make my day. ):

well, just to brighten up everyone's day.
I'll let you hear the most hearable song ever.

Whatever You Like - T.I.

Just hit play and you'll be having T.I's voice in your head.
I currently love T.I
unfortunately, he's going to jail nxt year ):
see ? 2009 is nt gnna be good.

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