Thursday, September 18

I cant find a title @@

or however you spell it.

You know why i started with korean ?
Because i met koreans on my pre trip to kl !! (:
yes, dno why, suddenly meet tons of korean

It all started, when we had to stay in my dad's friend's cousin's house. (:
okay that was long.
they are R.I.C.H
big house. and they korean (:
Theres this uncle, who was super cute.
He's korean and he doesnt know english. so he was making all these funny actions while giving us icecream :D
so cute lar weyh. and i heard an ACTUAL korean talk on phone. just like in the movies.
with all the kyaaaaa noises. hohoho

There was a party that night when we stayed there.
There this thai guy (i thnk so) who looks like KIM RAE WON @@
Kim Rae Won ar weyh. hotness

see ? hotness arr
budden he's not korean lar. too baddd.
and they served SUSHI

after this trip, my sushi crave is SO OVER. :D
Theres this korean girl. named SOMI
Want her number ? dwan gv you (:
She speaks really great chinese even when she's korean. And this big big house i stayed in was her EX house. she now lives in a CONDO. with a SWIMMING POOL. which she invited me to go, but i din go ):
yeah anyway.
hahahahahaha. sorry elaine, i dont mean to insult you, but she's taller than you XD

anyway. yeah, she speaks korean :D
like duh -.- she's korean. wtf am i talking bout

Mum asked me if i go Mid Valley.
And i refused to go *gasps*
you know why ? you know why ?

Look at the size of that screen @@
*dumps bill gates* i love mac now (:
its friggin RM8000.
I wish money would fall from air.
OR maybe you can just get me this

Laptop that can rotate 180 degrees.
okay lar, i country bumpkin, i nv see before


like sis like bro
me in a place like this, no camwhoring is a NO NO

Korean Newspapers. @@ so blurr. dn understand a thng

OHh, they have a Labrador too.
which runs around in the house. (: and all the little kids try to annoy it.
a labrador is a kind of dogg


BOBO ! i was eating weyh.
and the dog just looked at me as if its gonna jump on me.
hahaha. I was eating Korean Mee btw
*thnks back* yummm (:

gotta go sleep. bro nagging.
hahahaha :X he's gonna kill mee.

Yiwen has a boyfriend. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
and we're seeing Daowen during year end hols @@
yay !!! :D
today Tien Heng gave me super dlicious choc.
:D my choco buddy.

This sundayyy going Judy's bday :D
And idnowhen is Cathy's bday
and idnowhen again is Maynie's bday.
sorry, im not vry good with numbers XD

And, who got Kinship 2 cd. PLEASE BORROW.
my mum + bro and me will be SO happy if theres a helping hand @@
Ja-ne (:

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