Thailand Trip ! :D

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Bout time i post about the trip.
okay, here goes

well, 1/100 of it :D

My mum's friend drove there

These are the people i went with. In the chocolate shop with tons of GUYLIAN before going into Thailand.
See the Guylian ? s2 s2
oh, that guy beside me ? thats my boyfriend :D

This is my little cousin who copies EVERYTHING i do.

In the car, we camwhored. and as usual we slept.
Well not throughout the whole journey.
Some pigs people


closeup on my boyfriendd

THAILAND ! :D great view frm my hotel.

I sat on the busy road to take this picture.
No im joking :D i was on a TUK TUK.
I love saying that.
tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk tuk. ahahahaha :D

Went Shopping on the first day.
They sell BIRDS there.
The fry small little BIRDS.
fyi, birds that can actually FLY okay?
I din take any pictures, cos all the sellers look fierce xD

This is a shopping street after all the stalls closed.
Its so creepy, its like the place in midnight meat train where they hang the meat. aiks.

Me and my boyfriend went shopping, while the adults stayed in a stainless steel shop.

three hours later

we're doing shopping, adults are STILL in the same shop.
Adults are great. how could they stand in a small + squeezy + hot shop for like 3 hours ??

there were also tons of shops near my hotel.

Anddd. i had to do some camwhoring :D

Theres this LeeGarden's place, which i have no idea is it a shopping mall or a hotel. maybe both.
and hell, they have TONS of restaurants in there. For exp The Sizzler. With dlicious steak.
sorry ,was too busy eating. no pictures XD

lmao xD

These. are my ROOMMATES.

Its super duper hard to make him smile. thats like. his max ?

They pillow fought everynight,

Obviously broke something.

me and my boyfriend were in a cd shop,
and i saw this

If you dont know whats that.
go wikipedia and check on something called.
i thnk its totally cuteee :]

Last lunch in Thaii

As usual. the pig big eater

His 11th or is it 12th round ?

look at my little niece. isnt she adorable ?

i tell you how guai lan is she,
i wanna carry her, she go punch me D:

Now do you still thnk she's adorable ?
do youu ??? do you ????
i do :D
The waitress look at the floor, shook her head, and walk away without sweeping the rice. lmaoo

---backkk to MALAYSIA---

No offence, but after going back to Malaysia, i so wish to go back to Thailand.

In Thailand, there are real birds, hanging in cages and all.
In malaysia, there are fake birds. and guess wht, the lobby of our hotel doesnt even have air cond.
and + their fork is so DIRTY.

:X ltr my little bro is gonna 'whack' me for not being patriotic.
He is planning on whacking me cos im supporting LinDan.

This is my little cousin.
I find this picture amusing.
She was like crossing the Atlantic ocean.

Oh ! at the hotel, there were some few guys playing FOOTBALL.
all of them were NOT GOOD LOOKING except for one that is.
and he was the goalkeeper.
He cheated in football and i glared at him.
His friend was like 'oi, dn play dy lar, the girl looking lar. stop lar. stop lar.'
HAHAHAHAHa. guys are dumb

bunch of posers

Someone meddled with my cameraa

Ohanaaa. the baby posed ! and finally, i got my hands on her. *rawr

Dont the governemnt realise, the more they put up those signs, the more rubbish there is ?

cuti cuti malaaayysiaaaa ~

Last day of hols D: D:
We went to the CAVE OF DARKNESS.
thats a creepy name. and its a creepy cave.
budden, it has a really pretty park :]
I camwhored. and my boyfriend was my photographer

Emo Pics :]

wee. i love this pic :]

sort of got bored of him taking pictures of me. :D

My little cousin copying me.

Andddd. lastly

The guai lan kia.

Lmao. Just came back frm Merdeka rehearsal.
I dn dare talk to him, i dn even dare LOOK at him. plus he likes her.
I dont wanna see her, I dont wanna see him.
D: D: D: D: D:

and oh yeah.
I earned RM1.25 on nuffnang !!!! :]
weeeee. so happy

btw, you should now realise that my boyfriend is my cousin bro :D

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