weee :D

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People people.
lols XD
Few days ago was IU DAY.
mind you ppl, nt iu nite, iu DAY
and a FEW people were asking me what i wore, and wanted a pic of me. (fuah !)
okay fine,
while waiting for the pics to upload..
Lets talk bout wat happened tisadays.

I went to astaka to burn calories :D
(and i saw darshini and daniel there)
really admire them, if my mum let me paktor at astaka. WOAH. the world is gonna end.
And ytd, i went to hotlink's website.
ive only got 60 points, -.- cnt reedem anithng.
i want dao's num, (where i hav ALOT of points)
Hotlink is havin a promotion,
if you reload RM 20 into yr newly activated number, you get 800 free sms.
(paiseh, tis one not X-pax, dnt hav 3000 free sms)
who says, you cant hav 3000 free sms lalala
okay back to the point,
I should hav went to the website earlier.
cs my number is activated a month ago, and i only reloaded rm 10.
cis. wasted.

Oh, ppl were asking where my cbox went.
yeah yeah.
i was listening to dots, since everyone has so much opinions,
dont like my blog, dont read my blog lah.
sakai betul !
stupid ... summo say wat, complain to the teacher or wat bullshit.
like i care dude.
okay cut it :D
heres pictures
ME. in a CHEONG SAM. Its called a CHEONG SAM. repeat with me C.H.E.O.N.G. S.A.M
Her cheongsam is way btr :D
Me and jessy :D 2 cheongsams.
(you thnk there were alot of cheong sam ? no, not alot, i see more sarees :D )
Me and shwu yee
Me and Yi Lin

Okay, we pause the pictures first :D
ytd i chatted with Mei Ching ! woots.
she's not bad actually. lols. cnt bliv after all ive done/said.
I dnt blame her for all those stuff :D
I dnt blame kev either. (minnd you ppl, that poem i write syok onyy okay ?)
They're both. Friends :D JUST FRIENDS :D

Ahh, im addicted to phineas and ferb's theme song.
so cute :D :D
Ive started studying form 1 science.
Mind you, im not kia su, im js bored.
lols, addicted to the song.
And im gonna start editing too,
dwld some cool fonts :D
okay back to pictures

Me,Jessy, RAJ ?
Me and JESVINDER. (purposely duwan call you Raj. ble)
Me and Li Ping.lols ! us trying to act sexy. AHH
I hav a pic with Prashan, but i luk hideous. so duwan adee XD
Me and KENZOU !
ah, i admit im short TT.TT
But i was once ONE cm taller than him.
Thats all, (well i got more, lazy upload)

KeNZOU ! when youre online sms me yah.
gtg nw :D jana

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