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Interact telematch is just over and im drop dead tired :D
ltr mst go astaka burn calories summo.
Telematch was FUN FUN FUN !!
tons of starch, tons of water and tons of fun :D
To me, this is the part acs changed me most :D
when i was in CC, when theres outdoor activities, i'll NEVER EVER take part,
even if i do, i would js stand there and watch others hav fun.
I even skipped PJ for the whole year. lols
When i was young, i was like.. big.. and everyone would make fun of me and all. so i was afraid to well hav fun in case ppl laughed at me :D
but ppl in acs, specially jae, ivan and a few, taught me how to have fun like theres no tmrw.
why should i care of what others thnk of me ?
My friends and family always do remind me that they love me and thts what matters most.
I dont need ALOT of people to love me, just a few.
So those on my cbox who hates me. I dont care. I hav people who loves me.

Just a small notice,
you guys see theres an Evin, thats not the real Evin, real Evin is btr than that person on my cbox.
Notice to this person, If you dont like me, why dont you tell me at my face ? Make it as if theres alot of people whos commenting me.
Fake Evin, Eric, Mike, ... , and so on is all you.
you start commenting me with the name Eric, then you use the name .... to go like [i agree with eric] and then you menyamar Evin, ltr on use mike. -.- use a hotter name like yamapi lah.
If you dont hav anithng to do, i suggest you go study for yr mid term exams rather than trashing my blog.
Unsatisfied with me ? Deal with it.

I just noticed people visit my blog to read my cbox rather than my posts :D haha.
Okay, enuf of those people.

Back to topic.
WOAH ! telematch was a blast. Kelab Kewangan was having their telematch too. Their telematch is a lil diff frm ours :D they wear fancy clothings like jackets and jeans to their telematch. Whats the use trying to fit into an overtight jean whn you cnt hav fun ?
My group was called Star.

Everytime we go like [our group name is star] people will go like [HUH?!]
I know you did :D
There were tons other funny funny group names, not just us.
like cathy's ass group
Kenzou's optimum ateh (okay fine, i dnt knw hw to spell it)
and Charles's group. PAPAYA !
haha :D
Papayas can be yummy, full of fibre, but sometimes, some papaya has worms in it :D *winks*
AiYin's group was called anything. lols
haiya, you get the big idea lah, alot of diff groups.
Dao and Yi are coming back !! :D
cant wait. mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Dao bought me an ipod nano casing !!!! :D
All the prices are in USD. to convert, simply times 4 :D

Front viewBack View
Yes, very flowery, very girly but i love it :D
Costs $24.95. And Mei Chan Tai Sou !! (im not spoiled)
times 4 its.. RM80+ ? Not cheap, ive gotta pay the price and be obedient and do wat my mum says. AHH ! I feel like buying every case there is on
so pretty @.@

Theres something else that i want, but it really really costs alot. Therefore, mum told me not to waste money on rubbish.
Prob is.. ITS NOT RUBBISH !!
Its not only cool, its like so HAWT. omgawd
It comes in alot of colors, pink, black and white.
White is stil the hawtest.

Theres more, non furry version of pink, furry version of white
Are you drooling ? I am :D Guys would drool for the black one, so kewl.
But do you knw hw much it costs on amazon ?????
$79.95 for the others
$99.99 IS LIKE RM400. omgawd, when will i ever be rich enuf to afford that ?
Maybe when i get 8 aces in pmr. lols, thats still far away, till i get my results, i wnt thnk theyre hot animore.
so, one solution..

someone buy me the white headphones for my bday please :D *grins innocently
Kenzou said he wnt gimme present for 20 yrs aden after 20 yrs he buy me one xpensive phone.
I want xpensive headphones !
LOLS ! i rather receive present every year. hehe
hurmph, nvm, i'll find a rich bf then XD js jk.
Ivan ! faster send me yr cousin's picture (he says his cousin frm nz is hot) LOLS !

I want the headphones. TT.TT
please buy me.
Owh, theres this no name on my blog.
If you wanna teach me, use your name.
Dont bullshit all sorts of bullshits bout me while you dnt even look at yourself.
youre not my mum, you dont hav ANY right to teach me :D
I just take you as an annoying bug,
much more annoying than JaeR lols !
Before judging me, judge yrself lahh. dnt even dare put up yr name. tsk tsk tsk
Shame on you :D

I want the headphones TT.TT
humph, i'll get it one day.
Kay lah, duwan crap so much.
i chau first. jana :D

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