Happy Bday Chee !

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Happy Bday Chee !

was supposed to blog last nite, bt i was bz html-ing, as you can see my blog is HALF done. :D
ytd was seriously and interesting day :D
The day before ytd, jessy, chee, jae, ivan, nelycia and viv came to my hse, and we ordered pizza. When the delivery man came, they guys all ran out asking if they sell pork pizza -___- pity the malay man. cis
okay lah, talk bout ytd.
Yesterday i skipped band :D cs of no transport and also cs i needa do the ELS thng (thts the truth, and ivan owes me 10 bucks)
At 10.30 i tumpang chee's car..
Lepak lepak there duwan go mastech meeting, aden i saw the silliest thng rafique kevin yau ever did.
thnking of it makes me laugh.
He had bruises all over himself (those who dont know what happened, im sorry, i cant say wat happened :D) and he dint want to show em, so he wore a jacket (its like 11am and ytd was freakking hot) his right eye was blue black, so he wore his motor helmet. -___- and he was playing tennis.
Damn, forgot to take a pic of him playing tennis with a helmet :D he's so silly.

Me, Elaine, Jessy camwhored a lil :D
Love her (and her shirt :D )
Dumb Charles said my face luked really round ):
Ltr went for els meeting dots dots dots..
--fast forward-- >>>>>>>>>>>>
Time for the party !
We went to Marrybrown :D Bought chee some sorta semut doll. haha. His lil sis is addicted to it.
Woan Chii was there :D

Din take much pics. We played games. winners thrws the balls at the losers :D ouch, those balls in marrybrown hurt.
I was one of the winners obviously.
fun !
Now the cake.
Pretty cake.

Hey ! where are the strawberries ?

Phoning his s2
lols, hes so sweet to her. awww
At the mean time,
Now you know what happened to the strawberries
Cut cake !!
Okay, thts a weird way to cut a cake.
Group pic, Mei hung and Woan Chii went home.
*crowd applauses*

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