Thailand 2 !!

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Hee (:
People like Ivan the pain in the arse and Jae are too excited to hear abt the trip.


Went to..
tada !
As you can see, its full of elephants.
Papa elephants, Mama elephants, Koko elephants, je je elephants, didi mei mei elephants and so on..
Sowee, din rotate it. but you can see,another of his faces.
I pity the elephants.
Imagine a guy sitting on yr head lah.
Look at me, feeding the baby elephant. see the small trunk ?
Then there was the elephant bathing show...

aww, look at didi elephant.
I know hes a didi..
Cos he has a dick. aniway elehpant's are LONG.
sorry, XD general knowledge as kevin says.
Then ~~
Elephant show !!
tail pulling.
Imagine a guy sit on you THEN stand on you.
I think the elephants are btr than ivan.
Then we went for bamboo rafting.
Faces ~
In places, we hav kangaroo crossing, deer crossing, bear crossing, zebra crossing and so on.
but here, they hav elephant crossing !
On the way, we saw..
Tarzan in his tree house with turk and jane (:
And oh yeah, dung.that guy rowing the raft was kinda cute.
And the one rowing MY raft was pretty (:
Coconuts (:
**fast foward**
lunch.. **fast foward**
Elephant ride !
Look at my bro's face. another stupid one.
We went on a bullock cart.
Those are bulls without balls in case you're wondering.
Later on, the silk factory !
Then we went to a temple on top of the mountains.
Fckin Stupid temple, why must it be on top of a hill?
I vomitted XD
View of Chiang Mai bhind us.
Then, dinner on a boat XD
seasick (:
My dad was the entertainer.
He only knows 1 Chinese song XD
Thats all for day 2 (:
Got a bad headache, cos of the fcking temple on the hill

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