Wednesday, September 16

Ignorant Malaysians of Melbourne.

Today I want to express my opinions on the topic of ignorance. In particular, ignorant Malaysians who are currently living in Melbourne.

Who are these ignorant Malaysians ? 

They are two types. 1. The Malaysians who have grown up in Malaysia, but never cared, or bothered to know anything about Malaysia. 2. The Malaysians who say the love Malaysia, may have heard what is going on, they know things aren't smooth sailing, but they can't give two fucks about it. They just know their beloved land of good food isn't doing very well, and they are maybe feeling a little sad about it because they want to go back but feel like there's no more opportunities for them.

Why do they tick me off ? 

Lets talk about the second type first. These people have heard gossips, rumours, maybe watched one or two videos on Facebook. Maybe even shared it, but actually don't really know what's up. They are the people who share and talk good about the opposition, just because every one around them is doing it. They talk about how bad the condition in Malaysia is, and talk about how there needs to be a change, but cannot be bothered to educate themselves, as to how they can be part of this change.

These are the people who sit behind the scenes and say things like
"Someone is going to do something about the political and economical issues in Malaysia. I care enough to maybe share this Facebook post or video, but I don't care much, it doesn't affect me."

These people tick me off the most. What do you mean these issues do not affect you ? Are you not Malaysian ? Are your family not Malaysian ? Maybe you are wealthy enough, to not have a care about the exchange rate. Maybe the amount of pocket money you still have is the same. You're overseas, you have nothing to worry. But what happens after you graduate ? Even if you obtain a PR in Australia, your family and friends are still in Malaysia, so how is this not affecting your life ? If you are selfish enough to only think about how this affects you, and you alone, then great, I have nothing more to add.

If every Malaysian in Malaysia was as wealthy as you, was as ignorant as you, everybody would assume everybody else would do something. Nobody would care what's going on. If you aren't even sure why the situation is bad in Malaysia, you have no right to criticise any party, or anyone in that matter.
"What can you do ? No matter what you do, nothing will change. So do for what?" 
If everyone had that mentality, nothing would change.
Let me give you an example 
Just imagine 10 farmers in a large farmland, harvesting the crops. Maybe at the start, everyone was harvesting, and they get through 10% after 2 hours. 1 farmer stops all of a sudden and say "We've been harvesting for 2 hours, and there doesn't seem like progress. Whats the point." So he stops working. After another 2 hours, the remaining 9 farmers harvested 28%, a reduction in productivity because on farmer pulled out. Another farmer out of the 9 then stops working, because he doesn't see any progress. If that wave continues, do you know what happens in the end ? Nobody has anything to eat because nobody harvested anything.

By saying this, I'm not trying to say you need to join Reformasi Malaysia or be an activist in Bersih. The most basic thing you can do, is by first just reading up on it. What is really happening ? Why is it happening ? You say you heard that the condition in ? Did you do anything about it ? Did you vote?

The second type of ignorant Malaysian is the extreme kind that I have met in Melbourne. Some of these things I've heard are simply unbelievable. They are the Malaysians, who don't care AT ALL, about Malaysia. Not just the political and economical situation, but Malaysia in general. 

I've had someone said to me this :
"I'm not even sure who the Prime Minister in Malaysia is anymore. Feels like they keep on changing."
Eh hello, if you're in your early 20s, we've only changed PM twice, and you've only lived under the reign of 3 Prime Minsters ok ? Don't say until like we have 3472893 PMs. 

"Don't know what 1MDB whor. Something to do with the PM and the government but aiya, too complicated I don't understand lah.
Thats called being lazy. If you really can't understand the issue, then I don't think you should be at a University in Melbourne. 

"Shuwen what is BN ? BN and UMNO are opposing each other issit ? Ha ? Then what is DAP. Oh got more than these three ?" 
These are seriously statements and questions I've received. Wa I really never alter anything. What's even more shocking is, some of these people are from the big city, where they have fast speed internet, more resources to information etc. How can someone with everything at hand, not know ???

I'm late for class, so I shall end my rant now. 
With all that I've been saying, I'm not suggesting which political party you should support, or which rally you should participate in. All I am saying is, I believe every Malaysian should have a little sense of responsibility. Maybe the recent events have diminished any pride of being Malaysian, but that doesn't mean whatever is happening has nothing to do with us. Read up, educate yourself, so that when the time comes, you can make your own informed and rational decision.